The ambiance

A chic and trendy atmosphere

An old bourgeois house in the heart of Beaune, a splendid terrace in fine weather, 3 colorful rooms with a chic and trendy atmosphere and a large bar as before.
You are in Garum !

More than a restaurant, a place, an atmosphere, a moment of life to share with your loved ones. A real living table where it is good to chat, listen to music, laugh and enjoy beautiful, tasty food without any fuss or muss, around gorgeous wine! Beware, good mood required, having fun is the only option!

Eat and Drink

From the aperitif with friends to lunch and dinner

At Garum, you can come for an aperitif and taste the chef's home-made charcuterie, jambon persillé, pâté en croute, soup of the moment, Gillardeau oysters...

If you have more time, come for lunch or dinner, on the menu real dishes with real taste! Charolais-beef tartar with Gillardeau oysters, roasted farm pig belly, snail cromesquis, exceptional pieces of meat and fish to share, cut up before your eyes. Classics revisited by Garum’s chef.

The list is not exhaustive, as the menu changes according to desires and products available.

The wine list is vast, wine by the glass, sparkling wine, rosé wine, wines from small producers, wines from prestigious domaines. You are sure to find what you are looking for !

Discover the menu

The essence of Garum

well-kept secrets

This is where it all begins... In the basement of the restaurant, in a well-kept place, acting like a "crazy" scientist, the chef makes all sorts of potions... kept secret. Vinegar mothers float in jars, vinegar ages in barrels, dry charcuterie hangs in the air and garum, that famous garum, is skilfully prepared. The sauce that will make you drool and, for sure, come back to taste the dishes that the chef and his team prepare for you.

Portrait of the chef

Freely inspired

Christophe Bocquillon has been running the gastronomic restaurant Le Jardin des Remparts for 8 years. After winning a Michelin star and spending many wonderful years in the kitchen, he decided to make a change.

He wanted more freedom, to please in a different way, to let his desires and his imagination go wild, without constraints. He imagined Garum, a chic bistro, a unique, trendy and warm place, in the very heart of this splendid building that has been home to the Jardin des Remparts for 30 years.

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In the winter season, Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm and from 6pm to midnight

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Garum - 10 Rue de l'Hôtel Dieu - 21200 Beaune
Tél +33 (0)3 80 24 79 41 - Email: